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FREE Beer Tasting w/ Zoran Gojkovic & Wolfgang Lindell

Well if this isn’t the event of the month, we don’t know what is…
We invite you to a fun (albeit a little geeky!) beer tasting to celebrate the release of Brooklyn Brewery’s ‘Fonio Rising’.
Zoran (Carlsberg Science Lab) will tell us a little bit of the use of the grain, Fonio (an old West African super grain!!), in their new beer ‘Fonio Rising’ (which is a double pilsner, 6,4%) and what we might be able to use it for in the future.
We will also taste some E.C. Dahls beers together with Brewmaster Wolfgang Lidell.
We will in total taste 6 different beers.
Send a confirmation of attendance to with how many people you are bringing with you (feel free to come alone and meet some fellow beer lovers!)
We hope to see you here.


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